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What to Bring to your appointment:        
* Client Info Sheet  & Client contract (Print out and bring to Appt)

* General financial documents: You should keep pay stubs, W-2 forms
(NOT final pay stub), records of tips earned, receipts for big dollar
items such as the purchase or sale of an automobile or home,
records of investments along with contributions to retirement
accounts, bank and brokerage statements, and 1099 forms. Also
include childcare expenses (providers' tax ID number, address,
amount paid)

* Receipts for
deductible items: When making payments toward a
deductible item by credit card, electronic funds transfer or check,
you'll need to record the check number, dollar amount, payee's name
and date of the transaction. If you make a payment in cash you should
get a signed and dated receipt showing the amount and reason for
the payment.  
Personal Tax Deduction worksheet (Print and bring to

* Insurance and medical records: Hold on to papers regarding
insurance claims and
medical expenses along with dates and
specifics as to what was paid for and when.

* Theft or loss documentation: Theft loss should be documented,
including value, the date the property was first noticed missing and
proof that it was yours.

Gambling records: Gambling records should state the type of
gambling activity, the amount won or lost, address or location of the
establishment, names of others present with you and the date.

* Charitable records: Charitable contributions of goods or services
totaling more than $75 require a receipt. You can only deduct a cash
donation of $250 or more if you have written confirmation. Be sure to
log out-of-pocket expenses for charitable work such as: mileage,
parking fees, tolls, bus or taxi fares. Record the name of the charity,
the date of the expenses and the amount.
Charity Deduction table
(Excel file)

* Self-employment records: If you are self-employed or use your home
for business, you will need to keep a special set of records. Consult
with one of our tax professionals for additional information.
Employee Business Expense Report worksheet
Vehicle Expense Deduction worksheet
Wendy Powner has 30
years of experience as a
Tax Professional and
Corporate Bookkeeper.        
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After your Appointment:
All returns will be filed electronically with the IRS and State.
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